Celebrating a new born's milestones may differ from one culture to the next. In Russia they celebrate passing the first 6 months, and this is is for you Sofia.

Many of us are not to happy our other half spends too much time at the gym!

Custom cakes can have their special appeal!

Our travels and journeys can inspire cake design too.

The movie industry has inspired many of us, just like Charlie Chaplin has inspired a whole industry. May as well remember him on a cake.

Coloring a cake can be a piece of cake, i mean art too.

Unicorns, rainbows and happy moments meet on a cake.

Meditating under a cherry blossom tree. Sakura!

Another milestone celebrated, much before the first visit to the dentist.

Comfy food... comfy couch!

Grumpy cat strikes back!

Zoo of cupcakes.

Thank you copywriters of the world.

Sports fan come in all shapes and passions. Volleyball is no exception.

A brush a day keeps the dentist away.

Lego captures the imagination of many people, but imagination doesn't stop there, A T-Rex may pop up too.

Personalizing an engagement cake is always fun. Capturing a moment of a lifetime would become memorable.

So your cat has its favorite pillow to play with, and it happens to be yours!

Barbie cakes are a must, to add to any collection.

We all want to be the Prince or the Princess of one day, and seize the day.

Doctors can be tasty too!

An office job can be sweet too.

Supporting your team is great, especially when they win. Winning is sweet.

Power Puff Girls are eternally cute.

Sweet 16... Sweet 17... Sweet 18... and counting.

We all want to have a minion... cake.

Music to our ears.

Elmo! Wouldn't you wanna tickle it?

farming beyond your mobile app.

#insta #cake

A dentist's mission impossible.

Double the fun with twins.

You're Awesome!

Who can refuse a good burger?

Graduating from Law School your honor!

A jump in a pool on a hot day.

Candy Crush anyone?

Well Hellooooo Kitty!

Welcome to Mickey's house.

We all had the fantasy to fly with so many colorful balloons.

An apple a day.

Roses are red. Violets are Blue, You can have that cake, and eat it too.

Umm Kulthoum a classic tune.

Paris, and an afternoon in a coffee shop.

More burgers for the addict.

Eat-a-worm day.

Traveling to London anytime soon?

An engineer sleeping on the job. You want that building when?

The mouse beat you to the cheese.



Fairuz. A golden voice.

A hardhat protecting a soft cake underneath!

Cakes can get pregnant too.

When cartoon imitates life.


Little Miss Sunshine.


A LEGO Chef.

Chic! LV.

For your Orthopedic Doctor.

Marsupilami and a never ending tail.

Madagascar and the runaway cake.

You can run to Paris, but you can't hide.


Kitchen queen. Chop Chop Away!

What's you horsepower?

Customize your cake with cakeballs.

Winnie the Pooh, follow that bee to the honey pot.

Hello again Kitty.

Minions can be heard to track.

Merida will not miss that shot because she is Brave.

Pharmacists would have a pill for that.

Wishing you a bright sunny day.

Simplicity makes class and elegance.

Right behind your favorite team.

Butterflies and Bowties.

Disney classics for boys.

Alice falling head first into our cake.

Life-size pregnant cake.

Tom & Jerry never fails to draw a smile.

Celebrating that cute new cute Mini gift!